Everyone who decides to start an eBay business has to make the all-important decision of what to sell.  The vast majority of new sellers immediately jump to the idea of selling the most popular, trendy items on the market.  Unfortunately, almost none of these items are viable for new sellers starting out — for every high-profile, popular product out there, you can be sure that there are already many, many other people selling it on eBay.  You see, they had the same thought as everyone else — they immediately decided to sell the most popular, trendy products available.

As a result, almost all of these products are over-saturated on eBay — there’s way too much competition for these items on eBay already.  And in most cases, the only sellers who are able to be successful selling these items are larger, high-volume, usually well-established eBay sellers with lots of money to invest in buying products by the truckload, placing orders of $100,000+ at a time, so they can then underprice everyone else and sell their products for a fraction of what other sellers can.

If you don’t fall into that category, you just won’t be able to succeed in selling those same products.  Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should give up your plans to sell on eBay altogether.  Just because there are many products that are over-saturated and too competitive on eBay doesn’t mean that ALL of the products on eBay are over-saturated and too competitive.  Indeed, there are thousands of products and categories for which there’s plenty of room for other sellers to break into the market and compete successfully.  You just have to be more creative than all the sellers who jump on the trendy bandwagon and find themselves drowning in MP3 players they can’t sell.  And that’s what will be covered in this article.

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wholesaleProduct supply becomes increasingly important as your business grows. You’ll find that you will need at least two sources for each product you sell in order to have a reliable re-stock system. Large amounts of product usually only come from one place: wholesale suppliers. There are two different types of wholesale supply:

  1. Bulk Lots: This is where you purchase large quantities at regular intervals from the supplier. The goods are sent to you where you store them and package and post them as you make a sale.
  2. Drop Shipping: You pay for the goods but you never see them. The wholesaler packages and posts the goods straight to your customer for you.

The best way to find wholesalers is to use directories. It’s important to realize that legitimate wholesalers won’t go out of their way to seek business from low-volume sellers (i.e. eBay sellers), and thus, probably won’t optimize their website for generic keywords such as ‘wholesale supplier’ for that reason. They might do business with you if you go to the trouble of contacting them, but they won’t seek you out. Thus, be very wary of sites that appear in a Google search for ‘wholesale suppliers’ – they may very well be illegitimate.

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ebay suppliersDo you want to find out about eBay’s consistently popular categories? I have just compiled this hot list to show you what’s profitable on eBay, season after season, year after year.  (By the way, you might already know a good supplier for some of these markets, but if you’re at a loss, we stronglyrecommend you grab yourself the SaleHoo directory, which lists a lot of suppliers both for niche products and those more mainstream markets.)

Clothing, shoes and accessories

Clothing is such an exciting category to get involved in as it encompasses so many niches such as plus size gym wear, novelty underwear, and comfort shoes.
Clothing is also easy to sell and ship, and best of all, there will always be a demand for clothing (or at least until global warming really kicks in).

Selling tip: Always give buyers as much information as possible in your eBay listings, especially about the item’s size. This helps buyers to assess whether it will fit them – one factor which can easily cause uncertainty in potential buyers.

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source from chinaThe prospect of sourcing items from China is both exciting and daunting for most sellers, so when you throw trying to source branded items into the equation, it can make an online seller very nervous! The answer is yes, you can import branded items from China, but it’s not easy.

This is because most branded items which come out of China are fake which makes sourcing genuine brands very difficult for retailers as many suppliers will try to convince you they are the real thing.

Finding a reliable supplier is difficult. I spent weeks looking and found that most suppliers claiming to be selling the real deal, were nothing but scammers. It wasn’t until I signed up to the SaleHoo Supplier Directory that I found one that I could trust.  Because they pre-screen all their suppliers in their directory, I didn’t’ have to worry about getting sold a bunch of fake items, or about paying for my order, and never seeing the stock I paid for.

Click here to visit their site and find out more.

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electronics wholesaleWhen looking for wholesale electronics suppliers, that are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

1) Quality products. To make it big in selling electronics, you need exceptional quality of products.

Unless you are dealing in second hand or factory seconds items, you will need flawless products and packaging with
manuals and instructions.

It’s so worth the time it takes to find a supplier with great quality items as it will save you a lot of time spent on processing refunds and dealing with angry emails from frustrated customers. (Click here to see where I discovered the very best electronics suppliers available.)

2) Quality Service. You need a supplier who will deliver on time and will respond to any queries thoroughly and

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candles wholesaler

Today I’m going to review a dropshipper & wholesaler for candles and related products. After a simple search on eBay, I found out that candles is a really big and fun market to get into. There are lots of different colors, scents, shapes, sizes of candles for different situations and purposes. The supplier we are looking at today is one of the major suppliers in this category. They offer the best prices on thousands of products. Now let’s look at some details.

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